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Oct 20, 2013

10 advantages for using the iPad in the cockpit

Flying Academy – the flight training organization managed by airline pilots – has started 2 months ago to equip its trainees with iPads. The Academy took the lead to revolutionize the cockpit and pilot training, realizing the vision of paperless flying and becoming the first Czech FTO to fly with iPad EFBs. The process will make learning to fly much easier, more efficient and accurate, useful for private pilots and important for future commercial pilots.

After having the iPad in trials, Flying Academy’s flight instructors have concluded that it’s extremely useful in the cockpit because it’s:

1. Fast – extremely short response time;

2. Reliable – as the iOS has very limited crashes;

3. Easy to use – intuitive menu and apps.


Flying Academy has defined ten reasons for using the iPad in the cockpit:

  1. Useful as all Pilot Operating Handbooks [POHs] for the entire fleet are delivered wirelessly and the trainees no longer need paper manuals from each aircraft, giving them the possibility of navigating very fast through the pages or accessing directly to the required information.
  2. Easy to use for studying the ATPL theory courses, delivered wirelessly and accessible in offline too. On top, document management is intuitive, the books have the possibility of adding bookmarks, searching for terms and printing wirelessly the needed page/s.
  3. Reliable in all phases of the flight starting with planning, the flight and debriefing/logging. Great tool for weight and balance, flight route planner, weather info updates, IFR/VFR charts, holding pattern calculators, crosswind calculators, approach charts, airport info etc.
  4. Versatile due to the extremely high amount of aviation apps available in the AppStore. The apps are constantly improved due to continuous development of them as per pilot received feedback.
  5. Good battery life as is lasts up to 10 hours of continuous operation. Fast charging in comparison with the battery life.
  6. Equipped with a high resolution bright screen appreciated during sunny days.
  7. Good inflight navigator with the help of the built-in GPS and the aviation navigation apps, extremely useful for VFR flights for PPL trainees.
  8. Experience personal manager tracker as it’s a perfect tool for keeping currency/flight review reminder and also by having the logbook constantly on an electronic version with back-up on the “cloud”, making the access to information easy and secure.
  9. An “everywhere” accessible tool for evaluation and/or testing of knowledge via dedicated apps [i.e. Aviation Exam]
  10. It has many available accessories for cockpit usage [i.e. kneeboard].

Flying Academy is also supporting a sustainable learning environment and by using the iPad EFBs there will be a drastic reduction of paper usage.

The upgrade to iPad comes as the benefits of using it in cockpit management are without a doubt very beneficial for all student pilots. It helps them during flights to focus on the decisions and allowing them on the ground to study on modern tools.

Flying Academy is offering free of charge an iPad 2 3G+WiFi to all trainees enrolling in the zero to ATPL(A) commercial pilot course. For PPL(A) and IR(A) complete course and for ATPL(A) theory, trainees can buy the iPad for a subsidized price of just 5.400 CZK, VAT included. For the complete offer you can access each course’s page or by giving us a call at (+420) 513 039 000.